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The answer is yes, you can, however conveyancing can be technical and complex with many pitfalls for inexperienced persons. Before you undertake your own conveyancing you need to be 100% positive that you are able to see your sale or purchase through to settlement. You will need to take on the role of conveyancer, organising all searches, title transfers, lodgement of documents and liaising with the other parties’ conveyancing lawyer, negotiating changes or other conditions which may occur. As a professional conveyancing company we understand the legalities and requirements involved and recommend engaging an experienced conveyancing firm to ensure that no errors are made which can lead to delays, contract termination or unexpected costs.
A cooling off period is an allowable period of time, in business days after the initial signing of the contract for a buyer or seller to retract the contract. During this time either party can terminate the contract without any consequences. It is important that you use a cooling off period wisely by allowing a conveyancer lawyer to view your contract if they have not done so prior to signing bringing to your attention areas that may be of concern and ensuring that all documentation is correct.
Yes, this can be arranged as part of the contract as a special condition which stipulates that the purchase of a house is subject to successful settlement of a sale property on the same day. Your conveyancing lawyer will organise to have your purchase settlement occur after your sale settlement has concluded to eliminate issues.
The conveyancers for both parties will attend settlement to ensure that all legal documents are signed and transfer occurs. All documents are stamped and cheques are transferred. Typically, financial institutions will have a representative present at settlement to ensure that the interests of the lending agent are covered. They may be involved in releasing mortgages, taking ownership of the deed if a mortgage will be held of the purchases property and more.
Your conveyancer will contact you typically by phone to advice that transfer has occurred successfully and to congratulate you on the sale or purchase of your property. They will advise you when and where you can collect keys.

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